Agriculture/Grow Rooms

Marijuana prohibition ended in Washington state in 2012, with the state legally regulating production, distribution, and sales since that time. In the first year and a half of marijuana production under the new laws, the state realized $83 million in marijuana tax revenues, according to In 2014, Oregon followed suit, ending the prohibition on marijuana, along with Alaska.

With the legalizing of the marijuana industry, growers began building "warm rooms" or stability rooms. These "warm rooms" allow the growers to maintain tight control on all production and growing variables. 

plants in a grow room

Imperial Brown's west coast facility has been involved in a three phase project for a local client in Washington state. The first phase of this project consisted of six "warm rooms." The six rooms are 39' by 122' and 12 1/2' tall. The walls are constructed of 4" high-density rail and the ceilings are 5 1/2" wood framing. 

In these "warm rooms" high-tech equipment was installed by Advanced Growing Solutions of  Eugene, OR. This equipment will keep the temperature at a constant 70* to maximize the plant yields. The plants are used for oils and medicines.

Phase two has also been completed with  6 additional "warm rooms" and phase three is in the works to provide 12 more growing rooms, including a 9-room combo, a 2-room combo, and a single room. 

grow room construction  outside of grow rooms

*Outside of grow rooms. 4" thick high-density rail walls & 5 1/2" wood framed ceilings


Examples of Our Agriculture/Grow Room Projects

  • Pinos Produce – San Diego, CA
  • Bayer CropScience – Research Triangle, NC
  • Eugene Project - Eugene, OR
  • The Dalles Grow OP - The Dalles, OR
  • Groco Supply - Port Angeles, WA
  • Canopy Scientific - Hillsboro, OR
  • SoulShine Development - Renton, WA