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Restaurant & Foodservice Walk-Ins

Imperial Brown’s commercial walk-in refrigerators and freezers combo unit offer high-volume storage space for restaurants to store perishable food products in bulk. Many models are designed to hold rolling racks or mobile shelving. Available with or without floors or cooling systems, in a huge variety of widths, lengths and heights to fit your available space.

Restaurant freezers for foodservice must maintain temperatures of -10 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring foods stay frozen without getting the perishables so cold that the food quality degrades. Imperial Brown offers efficient and organized walk-in refrigeration solutions. Whether your kitchen is in need of an angled, three-chamber walk-in cold room combo, like Goose Creek Convenience Store in northern Virginia; Or an outdoor walk-in freezer that requires panels that withstand 80 mph winds and 30-pound per-square-foot snow loads (South Carolina Elementary School). Imperial Brown works with our clients to create the best commercial refrigerator unit solution.

Food Service Walk In


Custom, American Made Walk-In Coolers for Any Industry

Imperial Brown is known for offering custom commercial refrigeration systems. We recognize the need for quick delivery and custom designs for restaurant applications. Imperial Walk-in Coolers was started in Portland in 1970 by Al Zell to serve the commercial refrigeration industry by manufacturing the insulated panels used to build walk-in coolers and freezers. Our 50 years of experience has created a wealth of expert knowledge in providing cold storage to single restaurants, restaurant chains, and other commercial food service applications. Imperial Brown knows what is important to restaurant owners and operators.

Imperial Brown is proud to have a track record of success manufacturing, delivering and constructing walk-in cooler/freezer combo units for the following industries.

Breweries – When high end craft breweries or sports bars need a beer cave that’s colder than the arctic’s they partner with Imperial brown. Imperial Brown specializes in high-end, exposed coolers that are innovative and serve as a focal point for breweries and other foodservice locations. Check out this stunning walk-in beer keg cooler holding 102 kegs of beer at Henry’s Tavern in Denver, CO. We understand that inconsistent temperatures mean loss in flavor, flatness and staleness of the alcohol. Our reliable and affordable products will ensure your beer keeps its taste and aroma.

Schools – We manufacture Walk-In boxes for Colleges, Universities, and school districts for a wide variety of applications from food service, medical research, to biotech environments. No matter the application, we take the guesswork out of choosing the proper walk-in box and refrigeration system to fit your specific needs.

Complex & Special Designs – We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our client’s complex and special design requirements. With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, no one is better equipped to deliver custom products designed to fit your specifications.

Restaurants – We know the importance of space, which is why our walk-in boxes are built to the exact dimensions. We also offer internal and external ramps to move product in and out of your box much easier as well as shelving to keep your walk-in well organized (both optional).

Grocery Stores – Grocery store freezer receive relentless use. Imperial Brown can build a walkin cooler for grocery stores that utilize glass doors to display frozen food, a cooler with glass doors to display beverages, and a beer cave with a glass entrance door. Check out this angled, three-chamber walk-in combo, delivered to the Goose Creek Convenience Store in Northern Virginia. This job represents the customized, creative work of the design and manufacturing teams at the Imperial Brown East Coast factory.

Cold Storage Warehouses – We also use the most trusted refrigeration systems to keep your cold storage warehouse operating at optimal temperatures.

Law Enforcement – We have custom designed refrigeration solutions for all varieties of commercial refrigeration, including numerous forensic labs.

Floral Shops – Our featured refrigeration systems are designed to store floral arrangements in proper temperature conditions. Our floral freezers are perfect for point of purchase storage and display!

Medical & Scientific – We take great pride in providing the most complete line of high-quality, temperature-controlled products for the most demanding applications. Our innovative products have been used by: Hitachi Computer Products, robotics labs like HighRes Biosolutions,  Russell’s Technical Products Inc,

Hotels – We offer a wide variety of Walk-in Coolers and Freezers for Hotels of any size.


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