Suspended Ceilings

Imperial Brown has created 136 hard-rail ceiling panels for a large “clean room” at a cardiopulmonary research facility in Michigan. A “clean room” is a highly filtered environment used to manufacture and/or package sterile and high purity products, such as microprocessors, pharmaceuticals, and other dust or microbe-sensitive products. The “clean room” protects personnel, equipment and products from microbial contamination and prevents the escape of hazardous substances into the environment.

Tips for Squaring Walk-in Box Installations

Let’s talk tips on squaring walk-in box installations, a topic that rears its ugly head every once in a while.

As a manufacturer of a custom product, we are very aware of the fact that our manufacturing process is primarily a human-based process and that on any given day, no matter how many QA or QC processes we have in place, an error can and will slip through the cracks. As with any reputable company, when this happens, we own it and we will take care of the issue.