Wooden Pirates Barrel Themed Walk-in

May 9 2018
G&B Pearl Exterior of Pirate's Barrel Walk-In Cooler


Ah hoy mates!

In an unusual project for the G&B Pearl, a happening  bar in Honolulu, HI, Imperial Brown designed and manufactured a crescent-shaped cooler for the bar, with wood  paneling exterior to give the appearance of a giant pirates’ powder keg.

The new cooler is located behind the bar and attracts the attention that owners’ wanted.

Consultant Andrew Ling brought the idea to Dan Flerchinger, Inside Sales rep for Imperial Brown. “Andrew knew the perils and pitfalls (more pirate talk) associated with cold storage units in high humidity environments, and he asked them to consider using Imperial Brown to prevent future headaches and possible damage to the property,” said Dan.

The bar’s original option was to use panels from a used cooler to build the powder keg. There was too much that could go wrong with that.

To make this work, it took several revisions to plans but the Imperial Brown team delivered.

The Imperial Brown team took every precaution to live up to the customer’s vision. The production team set up the cooler prior to shipping to ensure that everything would go smoothly in the field, Dan said.