East Coast Facility Partners with Salisbury Brewery

May 29 2019

New Sarum Walk In Cooler with canned beer, metal kegs, and wooden barrels.

“She’s a beast!”

That’s the enthusiastic reaction of New Sarum Brewery employees to the Imperial Brown walk-in cooler that occupies a central space in their Salisbury brewhouse.

The downtown Salisbury brewhouse has been in operation for three years, and the cooler has lived up to expectations.

“The cooler is fantastic. It holds the temperature and seals really well,” says Andy Maben, brewmaster and co-owner of the business.

New Sarum Kegs Chilling In the Walk-In Cooler

The endeavor is a true partnership between two well-known Salisbury companies, with a big sign on the side of the cooler proclaiming the local ties. “We like to work with like-minded individuals,” says Andy of Imperial Brown. “They’re the best of the best. Why would we bother with anyone else?”

Imperial Brown Walk In Cooler at New Serum

In addition to Salisbury, Imperial Brown operates at two other locations, Portland, OR, and Prague, OK. 

The New Sarum cooler is 40 feet by 22 feet and 12 feet tall with 10-foot sliding doors that lead to the loading dock. Imperial Brown worked with Sarum, delivering the cooler parts for assembly by the New Sarum crew. New Sarum had a concrete pad ready for the cooler assembly.  

New Sarum derives its name from the original name of Salisbury’s sister city, Old Sarum, in England. The company sells is product throughout the Piedmont and coastal areas of North Carolina.

The company’s mission: “Each recipe begins with a study of an individual style of beer, searching for proved and tested methods of creating the foundation and using the foundation to find new ways of developing each beer’s unique flavor.”