Customized Scientific Chambers

March 23 2018

scientific chamber

A scientific chamber for an Oklahoma location was designed so that the refrigeration equipment is easily accessible for maintenance, since it is housed outside the unit on an attachable cart.

Built of hard-nosed panels, the overall chamber is approximately 12’ by 14’ and 8’8” tall. The cart, located on one end, houses the equipment and is on wheels. It is 1’6” by 7’9” and is 6’6” tall. The overall chamber has a 6’6” by 7’9” opening in the end where the cart may be easily detached for maintenance, when needed.

“They don’t have to dismantle the whole box – they can just wheel the system away from the wall to get the equipment out for maintenance,” said Tom Housel, who works in Inside Sales/Scientific Projects for Imperial Brown.

The chamber heats to 60 degrees C (140 degrees F) and can be used to determine how much heat an R&D product can withstand.

The chamber has an entry door for moving product inside on the end opposite the maintenance opening.

The insulated air handling unit with cart, a unique project for Imperial Brown, illustrates the company’s creativity and flexibility with hard nosed construction, allowing walk-ins units to be built to the customer’s specifications.

The Imperial Brown customer, Russell’s Technical Products Inc. of Holland, Michigan, is a global supplier of environmental test systems. The product line includes pre-engineered temperature/humidity chambers, custom temperature/humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, walk-in chambers, altitude chambers, agree chambers, environmental rooms, portable conditioning units, cooling tunnels, and industrial cryogenic freezers.