Hybrid Construction Eliminates Ceiling Support for Big Domino's Walk-in Units in Panama

The East Coast manufacturing facility of Imperial Brown® used its new
hybrid construction method to economize and efficiently produce two large 59’
walk-in units for a Domino’s Pizza warehouse in Panama.
Imperial Brown provides walk-in units and service to Domino locations
throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, but this is the first warehouse design for
the pizza giant.
“We built all the wall panels using our soft-nose construction, however to be
able to span the 19’ 3” for the ceiling panels without using support, we built all

East Coast Facility Uses Hybrid Construction for Barbee Farms ~ Concord, NC

The Imperial Brown hybrid construction combines soft nose, or low-density urethane (LDU), panels, with hard-nosed wood-framed (WFU) or high-density urethane framed (HDU) panels. With Imperial Brown hybrid, designers can apply the construction method that best fits the application for the most well-built, cost-effective unit. In this application, a 20’ ceiling span could be built economically since the wood-framed ceiling panels require no roof support, whereas soft nose ceiling panels would have required support.

Building Walk-in Freezers for Biomedical Robots

Designing and manufacturing walk-in freezers to house robots turns normal work processes at Imperial Brown’s West Coast facility on its head, so to speak, and highlights the customization work for which the company is known.


On a recent order from HighRes Biosolutions in Woburn, MA, Imperial Brown designed and built two long, narrow biomedical walk-in freezers for Univerzita Palackeho v Olomouci, the second oldest university in the Czech Republic, established 1533.


Customized Scientific Chambers

A scientific chamber for an Oklahoma location was designed so that the refrigeration equipment is easily accessible for maintenance, since it is housed outside the unit on an attachable cart.

Built of hard-nosed panels, the overall chamber is approximately 12’ by 14’ and 8’8” tall. The cart, located on one end, houses the equipment and is on wheels. It is 1’6” by 7’9” and is 6’6” tall. The overall chamber has a 6’6” by 7’9” opening in the end where the cart may be easily detached for maintenance, when needed.

One World Observatory

Imperial Brown had the distinct privilege of constructing two walk-in coolers and a cooler/freezer combo unit for the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere, the new One World Observatory, which opened to the public in May 2015.

Legends Hospitality, LLC, developed and now operates the observation deck atop One World Trade Center for the New York Port Authority. “One World Observatory See Forever” occupies floors 100 through 102, approximately 1,250 feet above street level.

Texas Brewhouse

Imperial Brown® has built three walk-in coolers of various sizes that are located in the middle of a new BJ’s Brewery operation in Temple, TX. 

“The coolers look great,” says Stacey Sewell, Regional Sales Manager for Southern California, the Mountain States, and the Southwest States for Imperial Brown. “The brewery operation is happening all around the walk-ins.”

Imperial Brown specializes in high-end, exposed coolers that are innovative and serve as a focal point for restaurants and other uses.