Customized Scientific Chambers

A scientific chamber for an Oklahoma location was designed so that the refrigeration equipment is easily accessible for maintenance, since it is housed outside the unit on an attachable cart.

Built of hard-nosed panels, the overall chamber is approximately 12’ by 14’ and 8’8” tall. The cart, located on one end, houses the equipment and is on wheels. It is 1’6” by 7’9” and is 6’6” tall. The overall chamber has a 6’6” by 7’9” opening in the end where the cart may be easily detached for maintenance, when needed.

One World Observatory

Imperial Brown had the distinct privilege of constructing two walk-in coolers and a cooler/freezer combo unit for the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere, the new One World Observatory, which opened to the public in May 2015.

Legends Hospitality, LLC, developed and now operates the observation deck atop One World Trade Center for the New York Port Authority. “One World Observatory See Forever” occupies floors 100 through 102, approximately 1,250 feet above street level.

Texas Brewhouse

Imperial Brown® has built three walk-in coolers of various sizes that are located in the middle of a new BJ’s Brewery operation in Temple, TX. 

“The coolers look great,” says Stacey Sewell, Regional Sales Manager for Southern California, the Mountain States, and the Southwest States for Imperial Brown. “The brewery operation is happening all around the walk-ins.”

Imperial Brown specializes in high-end, exposed coolers that are innovative and serve as a focal point for restaurants and other uses.

Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Lab

Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Lab


In the pharmaceutical industry, a cold storage unit is “a lab” for scientists, not a walk-in unit located in the corner of a restaurant or convenience store for food storage. “The aesthetics are much more important,” says John Sandall, Scientific Applications Manager for Imperial Brown. “The unit is not just sitting there. It’s where these scientists work. It’s like their office.”

Goose Creek Angled Walk-in Combo

An angled, three-chamber walk-in combo, delivered to the Goose Creek Convenience Store in northern Virginia, represents the customized, creative work of the design and manufacturing teams at the Imperial Brown East Coast factory. The convenience store is named for Goose Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River in Fauquier and Loudoun counties.

The combo consists of a freezer with glass doors to display frozen food, a cooler with glass doors to display beverages, and a beer cave with a glass entrance door.

Warm Rooms for Large Marijuana Production Company in WA state

Marijuana prohibition in Washington state ended in 2012, when the state legally began regulating production, distribution and sales at that time. In the first year and a half of marijuana production under the new law, the state realized $83 million in marijuana tax revenues, according to In 2014, Oregon followed suit by ending marijuana prohibition, along with Alaska.


Storm Disaster Response

Mother nature has many sides; she provides us with beautiful days to enjoy the weather but can also throw dangerous storms our way leaving a mess in her wake. Sometimes the damage is extensive and impacts more than just our personal homes and lives; it can put a halt to our way of life, our businesses. Little thought is given to the affects on business by these storms and the amount of loss endured and the time to recover, rebuild and reopen.

Outdoor Walk-in Cooler

An outdoor walk-in freezer for a South Carolina elementary school required panels that withstand 80 mph winds and 30-pound per square-foot snow loads.
To meet the customer’s needs, we designed and built the freezer using three different styles of panels. This type of flexibility in construction is unique to Imperial Brown.
The outdoor walk-in freezer for Olanta Elementary School in Olanta, SC, is located next to a taller building, creating a potential for snow drift, or snow piling up on the freezer, even with less snowfall in the South.

TMB Baking - San Francisco

Imperial Brown walk-in coolers that are designed and built as part of retarder-proofer systems are used in bakeries throughout the U.S. and abroad. This is a special application for speeding or slowing the fermentation of trendy artisan bread.

            Working with Imperial Brown, TMB Baking of South San Francisco designs and configures the retarder-proofer system, with plans sent to Imperial Brown for construction.

Mariah's in Bowling Green, KY

A reach-in door cooler for a sports bar in Bowling Green, KY, presented the Imperial Brown team with an opportunity produce unique custom work. The cooler displays high-value beverages.

The cooler features beveled glass doors in the three angles that are on the front of the exposed door, a cabinetry façade on the exposed portion of the cooler that matches the wood finish in the bar, and a raised false floor on the lower exposed portion, where the condensing unit is located.


Atlanta Tech Village, LLC

“Cool People, Doing Cool Things” is the motto of Atlanta Tech Village, LLC, a tech start-up center.  The angled walk-in cooler that we designed to fit beneath a stairway is pretty cool, too.

 The cooler is 6’6” wide on the exposed front, where the door is located, and the back width is 5’3”. It has a depth of 8’3”. The height is 8’^’ on the front wall and 6’6” on the back wall. The 45-degree angle on the back wall creates a drop and ensures the fit.

Pay-Less Supermarkets in Guam

The ability to manufacture panels spanning 25’ was our big competitive advantage in the construction of a large distribution warehouse for a Guam grocery chain. We built a combo unit that is 240’ long, 68’ wide and 18’ tall for Pay-Less Supermarkets of Hagatna, Guam. The chamber is two rooms of equal size --- one a freezer unit and the other a cooler unit. Maximizing the span allowed for the minimization of columns, providing for a more open work space.

Las Vegas Restaurant

The hybrid construction method unique to Imperial Brown was ideal for a 20’x32’ walk-in combo unit with large slider door, built for a Las Vegas restaurant. The construction combines low-density urethane, or soft-nosed wall panels (LDU), with hard-nosed wood-frame ceiling panels (WFU). With our hybrid method, designers can apply the construction method that best fits the application for the most well-built, cost-effective unit.

Automobile Testing Chamber

Imperial Brown has constructed an automobile testing chamber that has the ability to hold temperatures that vary by 100 degrees.  The large environmental chamber was ordered by Associated Environmental Systems of Ayer, MA, for Tesla Motors, Inc.’s Sunnyvale, CA, testing facility for high-end electric cars. The chamber required a temperature variation of -40 degrees C to +60 degrees C, needed during the testing process to discover any problems with functionality at extreme temperatures.

Microbrewery Walk-In Cooler

Imperial Brown designed a glass-fronted walk-in cooler that faces customers and is highly visible for Michigan microbrewery RedWater Tap House, owned by the famed RedWater Restaurant Group. 
The custom designed hybrid walk-in cooler is of mostly low-density urethane construction (LDU) with the use of high density rails (HDU) as needed. The interior and exterior is powder coated black to match the restaurant décor of steel and wood construction and concrete floors.